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Monday, 23 July 2012

Attempting to make a Teddy Bear....

Last Christmas, one of my lovely sisters bought me this book-

I admit to being a little nervous about trying it as I'm not very confident following patterns but one of my nieces has been very unwell and now that she's home and recovering, I wanted to make her a little present.  So I used the pattern for one of the teddies on the front cover and managed to make this...

Sadly, I didn't stuff the head enough and it came out a bit wonky :-(  As a first attempt I think it's not too bad although I'd love to know how exactly you can stitch these things together without going completely mental!  The book is lovely but I found it difficult to follow-it presumes a lot of knowledge but I do like how the patterns are laid out.  I think I need a lot of practise-maybe I'll be brave enough to attempt another amigurumi toy for my nephew or one of my niece's next birthdays.


  1. The trick is not to completley finish your pieces before you start attaching. For these monkeys I start at the head, get to wear the decreases start and then stop, attach the snout, ears, and eyes. Close it up and when I get about 40 rows into the body I stop and attach the head and arms. Its so much easier than dealing with two pieces that are finished and stuffed. http://pinterest.com/pin/573223858791665215/

  2. Thank you so much for this! I've not wanted to give it another go because I had so much difficulty putting it together. I'll definitely follow your advice when I try again :-)

  3. No problem, I love making the critters for my nieces and nephew, so my loving mother (who is not crafty but is great at figuring out solutions) sat down and found a way around the problems. :)


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