Sunday, 27 September 2015

Cwtch of Comfort Catch Up Part Deux!


We had a massive donation of big squares from a lovely lady who is the aunt of a friend.

 She'd made them with the view that they would be lovely baby blankets but unfortunately they were too small at 19inches squares each.  So I put most of them together to make a massive teen/young adult size...

I had one square left over so I made that one into another baby blanket

We also had two more baby blankets donated, this time from a local group called 'The Knitting Nanas'

Absolutely lovely, thank you so much!

Our good friend Bonnie also finished off the toddler sized blanket she was putting together from donated squares-isn't it beautiful?  She uses a different method putting squares together that I'm keen to try out...

The last blanket from donated squares is another toddler size-there were a number of odd or left over squares, different sizes and they ended up to one side-

Very pretty I think!

Just before our big handover night, my friend Gaelle brought over a stunning toddler blanket that she has made-it is so soft and lovely!

We've had our massive handover evening which I will post separately but there were a few blankets brought on the day that I'd like to show you as well...

These two were brought along by Susan and Julie who have come along to our meetups and helped put together the group blankets-they are really lovely!

Another blanket was brought along by Harrie-it was made by her friend in memory of her baby daughter-it's a beautiful knitted blanket xxx

Last, and most definitely not least, is a beautiful blanket made by my lovely friend Harrie!  It was from a conversation with her a few years ago when I was teaching her how to make a granny square that she told me about Cwtch of Comfort and when she reminded me earlier in the year, it resulted in a fantastic effort by so many people :-D  She has made a pink and white blanket in memory of her friend's son who died tragically-it is called 'May the Force be with You' as he was a big Star Wars fan xxx

So, stay close for the big finale!  Myf is going swimming so I shall thrill you with all the details when we get home.....

Long absence-so lets catch up!

How are we all?  I have been working a lot over these holidays and so between that, trying to get some quality time with Myf and finishing up the big blanket project, I don't feel I've had time to sleep!  Needless to say, I need to do some serious catching up so let's start off with a Cwtch of Comfort update.

So firstly-my wonderful sister Thea made this lovely baby blanket for us-isn't it beautiful?  It is te same design she used for a baby blanket for her youngest so it's very close to the heart xxx

She also sent in squares for the 'Sister's Blanket'

Speaking of the Sisters Blanket, I've finished that as well :-D  I made some squares in pale green and one in yellow to complete the set and put it together-I love how soft it is and how it has been created from the skills of three sisters, we're so different but here we're complementary :-D xxx  I've been so delighted to finally collaborate with them, particularly for something so important

I also finished putting together the blankets that the ladies from my crochet group worked on at our get togethers-there's the big beautiful yellow child size blanket...

And this toddler size blanket...

It's been lovely putting together blankets with my group-some of the ladies have never done it before so they really enjoyed learning a new skill!

Finally, we have the last two child sized blankets made with donated squares-
 I had to make a few extra squares for this one once I had the idea in mind!

 I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to put the lilac and white one together but I think the effort was worth while!

One of the ladies from my group, Bonnie, had donated loads of lilac squares for this blanket-there was one left over that seemed a little sad on its own so it became its own baby blanket :-D

I just went around it improvising which was a lot of fun...

There are quite a few more blankets to show you but I'll do that in a separate post :-)  Thanks for reading! xxxx