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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Weekend Whirlwind

This weekend has been a whirlwind of cleaning and tidying so far.  During my working week, I hardly have enough energy left to get Myf's lunches sorted out and catch up on the washing up and general straightening up-I'm quite a messy person though and it builds up quickly.  We've invited a couple of friends over for lunch tomorrow so I'm trying to make the downstairs lovely :-)

Another reason for the need to have a sort out is the increasing number of items going missing.  I can't understand how these things are getting lost and all my searching is to no avail.  One of Myf's inhalers has managed to go missing between last night and this morning and I can't find it anywhere!  My other camera, that I use for uploading photos, is still AWOL and it's driving me nuts :-(  I want to show you pretty photos!  I'm messy but always know where things are so this is throwing me.  I'll tidy it all away and then I won't be able to find anything!

Myf's rainbow ripple is coming on nicely-the rows are flying by and it looks so gorgeously bright and cheerful, perfect for summer.  Unfortunately, I ran out of the shade of dark blue I needed so I HAD to go and buy wool today...always such a hardship!  I'm on a very strict budget but managed to pick up a few more colours for her rainbow blanket and a couple for another ripple blanket-this one is actually for me (it will be large and the colours of the sea, oh yes!)
 We found a new wool shop in Pontypridd town.  It's called the Krafty Kabin and it has lots of beautiful shades for me to gasp over.  I got chatting to one of the ladies working there and she showed me a 'waffle stitch' that I'm definitely going to try out soon.

Myf was very patient with me today-I'm a grumpy so and so at the moment (my hormones strangely go all over the place in June, I think my body doesn't want me to ruin Myf's birthday) and inbetween cleaning and reorganising and nagging her about her homework, she's gently given me a hug and a kiss and told me she loves me.  She reduced me to absolute floods of tears the other day when she presented me with a list of '99 facts about Mum' with things like 'gives the best hugs' and 'always makes me laugh when I'm sad' as well as calling me a 'crazy crocheter'!  Can't believe she's nearly 11....

How is your weekend so far?

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  1. That child is one in a million! Well done for the manic clean, why do we always seem to spring clean during a really hot patch? I think it's because the dust really shows up!


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