Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Time for a much needed catch up!

Things have been a rollercoaster for us here in Wales.  I had such a lovely holiday with my family but when I returned to work, things went haywire.  Suffice to say I actually ended up walking out-I couldn't cope with the abuse from my boss nor the frequent disregard for employee rights.  I immediately applied for other jobs but had an accident and broke my left wrist in two places so I can't work at the moment.  Even more distressingly, I can't crochet!  Myf is having problems still with her father so there has been a lot going on...

Now for some positives!  Myf has started secondary school and, quite literally, has taken to it like a duck to water!  She's settled in brilliantly and I'm so proud of her-she's helping me a lot around the house as well-where did my baby girl go?!
I've lost over half a stone in weight-still a very long way to go as I'm very overweight at 5.2" and 14 stone but it's a great start :-)  I've swapped milk for soy milk (surprisingly nice in cereal) and tried to make better food choices plus I think not having the stress of that workplace is making a difference as well.
I couldn't make my Mum something for her birthday so I went with an idea I had a while back and had some note cards printed using some of the scenic photos I took on our stay in London.  She absolutely loves them-she uses notecards all the time so it was lovely to send her ones made specially.
I'm learning a lot from having a broken wrist-sounds strange but it makes me mindful of what I'm doing-having to take my time, finding ways to adapt, listening to my body and knowing my limits.
I'm blesssed with amazing friends and wonderful family and the past month has shown me truly how important that it :-D
I've also finally got these three blankets for SIBOL packed up to send...

These were sent to me a couple of months ago-they'd been donated but were unfortunately far too small so I was asked to make them bigger-I wanted to do something a little different for each one and tried to keep the theme of the colours originally used.  The first one took ages-I thought trying to make triangles to fit around would be something new so I had to learn how to make big half granny squares.  Not particularly challenging but a bit time consuming!  It also didn't give a flat edge but I like the effect, it looks quite striking!
The other two I used a couple of varieties of small squares (anyone spot the lovely DebiY's squircles?) to add size with a small border.  Hope they find good homes!

How are you?  Hope you are all well! xx