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Saturday, 24 March 2012

My oh my, lots of photos!

Myf and I have been reading the 'Indian in the Cupboard' series by Lynne Reid Banks and her Tudor obsession has transmuted into a desire for all things Native American!  We have a book here that has loads of great projects and one of them is making a tipi-on the photos in the book, the finished tipi looks huge, enough room for two 8-10yr olds, but in reality, was disappointingly small.  We painted it with animal symbols-

Not bad huh?

So while it dried, I decided to try something else...I draped the bamboo stick frame with blankets (that look enough like hides) and Myf was delighted!

 Can you see Myf?

And of course, we had to dress up and this means feathers!  I looked online and couldn't find a crochet pattern-but decided that a basic leaf pattern with some fiddling might make a passable feather....

 What do you think?

So here's a couple of squaws in their new tipi

Even though it looks fab, we took some pictures with the painted piece-

She loves it so much, we've taken it down and set it up again in her bedroom with sleeping mats, duvets, etc, for her to sleep on-she wants to have a little campout bless her!  Hopefully it'll be ok tonight-fingers crossed she doesn't move around too much and knock it down...

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  1. This is just the Bee's Knees! I think it looks absolutely perfect with the blankets around and the top cover to wrap around-seriously, much better. The feathers are an inspiration with perfect colours again. Genius x


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