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Friday, 7 December 2012

Yule Banners

I was going to do these as separate posts but I've got all the photos uploaded so you get it all at once hahaha!

I made a little banner for my sister as part of her birthday gift and the pattern was so simple that I decided I would do a couple for Yule as well.  So I started making green and red pennants for one spelling out 'Merry Christmas' as part of Mum's gift and while I think it's lovely, it is quite long... (sorry for the photo quality, the light is quite bad and I couldn't find a better place to display it that was long enough!)
I added a crocheted snowflake and at Myf's suggestion, used white felt for the lettering and I like the simplicity of it :-)

As Myf and I are having our Yule celebration on the 17th this year, I've been manically trying to get everything organised and decorated.  So far, we have a tree up and decorated by Myf, paperchains and cards in the living  room and another banner just for us in the dining room.  I want to do most of the house pretty this year so still loads to do but I'm trying to make a lot of our decorations this year to make it extra special.

Rather than using lettering, I chose to crochet some decorations to stitch on and it looks so pretty!


It has snowflakes, holly and a little Christmas tree inspired by handmade gift tags my sister made :-)
Myf wants be to make one for her bedroom so hopefully I'll the time to make one for her in time...

I made one more as a early Yule gift for a friend-with a snowman in the centre 

Before I gave it to her, I just add to take a photo of the two hanging up together (sadly couldn't get Mum's on the dresser too-hope they can find somewhere to hang it!)

There's a couple more decorations I need to make this weekend as well as the last part of Mum's gift.  Cards to write and gifts to wrap and more pretty things to hang and lovely food to buy, oh yes, I'm starting to feel the season!


  1. Your banners are fab :-) I especially love the felt lettering you did on Mum & Dad's - they are going to love it!

  2. Gods I hope so! It's so nervewracking...
    Thankyou darling, I'm loving the banners at the moment, so festive!


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