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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cwtch of Comfort Big Blanket Handover!

One of my cats needed an operation a little while back so I've been a bit distracted with her.  She's absolutely fine-she had a sebaceous cyst on the back of her neck and she needed two teeth extracting so they did it all at once.  Only trouble is trying to stop her scratching the stitches-a cone collar would rub on them and I haven't been able to get a soft one-so currently, when I'm out or at nighttime when she's downstairs, she has a light dressing and a cat jumper which seems to be protecting them.  She hates it though so I'm covered in a pretty array of scratches....

So, nearly three weeks ago, we had our big event!  I was at work in the morning until 2pm so when I got back, I was running around getting materials to make a big card with all the names in-I hardly had time to get changed before my friend Bonnie (and fellow happy hooker) arrived to load up with all the blankets in the van and drive us down to The Blueberry Inn (who have been most hospitable with all our needs!)

(For those who are just joining this blog, here's what it was all about...Please help Cwtch of Comfort)

Myf was in charge of photos so she spent quite a bit of time arranging the blankets on the table and taking photos :-)

We met Rhian who is the wonderful lady behind the 2Wish Upon A Star Foundation and spent quite a bit of time showing her all the blankets that had been made and introducing her to the lovely ladies in our group.  She was stunned at the outpouring of support from so many crafting people and had so many lovely things to say about our blankets :-)

A couple of our ladies brought a few blankets on the night-another baby blanket and a toddler blanket that I quickly took photos of-these brought our tally up to 39!


24 Baby Blankets
10 Toddler Blankets
4 Child Blankets
1 Teen/Young Adult Blanket

13 blankets were made with donated squares and yarn :-D

This amazing result could not have been achieved without the help and support of so many lovely people.  I'll try and name you all here :-)

A massive thank you to everyone who donated squares, blankets, yarn and their precious time towards this cause!

The ladies of the SIBOL Ravelry Group who have made blankets and squares galore with especial thanks to Sue (MrsTwins) for sharing our need with the group and being such a support :-)  We had such lovely donations from you!  Thankyou!

Squares have been made and donated by:-

Una from Great Balls Of Wool 
 Martine (SIBOL)
Claire P (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Bonnie H (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Jessiebonbon (SIBOL)
MarilynJG (SIBOL)
Joyce (SIBOL)
Liztelf (SIBOL)
Jayne (SIBOL)
Gaelle H (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Harrie P (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Lisa G (Pony Womens Collective)
Elise S (Ponty Womens Collective)
Kathleen C
Ilona O'D
Chris (SIBOL)
Kathy D (Sweet Memories)
Clare H
 Liz J (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Fiona L-F (Sale Happy Hookers)
Shona B (Sale Happy Hookers)
Jane M (Sale Happy Hookers)
Kate H
Jessica F (Sister :-) and Sale Happy Hookers)
Lisa M (and Mum!)
Amanda W (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Julie C (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Susan L (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Nicola C
Thea W (Sister! :-) )
Dawn T

Blankets have been made and donated by:-

Joyce (SIBOL)
Bonnie H (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Claire P (Ponty Happy Hookers)
 Liz J (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Jen H
Jessica F (Sale Happy Hookers)
 Lisa M
Ruth B-J
Thea W
 Debbie B
Harrie P
Susan L (Ponty Happy Hookers)
Julie C (Ponty Happy Hookers)
 The Knitting Nanas (Pontypridd)
Gaelle H

Blankets put together from donated squares by

Ponty Happy Hookers!
(Bonnie H, Claire P, Harrie P, Amanda W, Liz J, Vicki B, Julie C, Susan L and Jackie P)
A big thankyou as well to Eleanor H and Edwina S for their kind donations of yarn for the project!  A special mention as well to Instore Upper Boat and Talbot Green for giving us a discount on yarn when they heard what it was for :-)

I know I've put their names in but I really want to give a big shout out to the ladies of my crochet group.  I'm so proud of you all for the hard work and support-our group has formed around this project and I'm so glad we're staying together!  We have such a great time and there's so many talented people here-thank you all xxxx

It's been a bittersweet journey with these blankets-I've become so aware of how lucky I am and my heart truly goes out to all the families in need of the comfort these blankets bring.  There's always a need for more-please, please, if you can, make a square or a blanket for them-your kindness means a great deal.  You can find more details here

To you all-