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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm a single mum with a beautiful daughter and I started crocheting 4 years ago when I quit smoking, I'm a huge fan of the granny square and mostly spend my free time making blankets as well as occasionally trying to expand my crafty skills :-)

Saturday, 24 November 2012


I may have mentioned before that I'm making a few things for Myf as part of her Yule presents.  When she was very small, she had a little pink and white poncho that she loved very much and still has but of course it's way too tiny for her now!
So after having a quick look on the wonderful internet, I found this free pattern so I dug out a few of Myf's favourite blues and this is the result :-)

The tassels took FOREVER!

My friend Jem has invited me over to her home for Christmas this year and I've made a couple of little ponchos for her little girls-haven't done the tassels yet as it's going to take hours argh but they look pretty so far

I'm seriously tempted to make a couple for my older nieces but that may be going overboard... What do you think Mummycat?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hot water bottle cover

My friend Sarah was enquiring a couple of months ago about commissioning a blanket as a Yule gift for her cousin and her cousin's daughter.  Unfortunately, she didn't get back to me in time and with all the other things I'm working on for Yule, I haven't the time!  So instead she's asked if I can make a hot water bottle cover...As I've never made one before, I had a quick look on the internet but couldn't find a simple free pattern that I liked so I came up with my own.

It's made in three pieces, worked in single crochet throughout apart from the edges of the flap which I've added a small shell stitch to.  It's fastened by small pink buttons and I used Patons 'Smoothie' acrylic DK yarn.

I'll try and put down the pattern here-be patient though as I've never typed up a pattern before and I hope it makes sense!

(For this pattern, I changed colour every four rows)

Yarn- Patons Smoothie DK (acrylic)
4mm crochet hook
1cm width buttons (4)
(turning chain of 1 at start of each row)

Side One

chain 37

(Rows 1-36)
sc from 2nd chain on the hook (36 in total)
ch1 and turn
sc across each row

Row 37-Decrease, 32 sc, decrease (34 in total)
Row 38-Decrease, 30 sc, decrease (32 in total)
Row 39-Decrease, 28 sc, decrease (30 in total)
Row 40-Decrease, 26 sc, decrease (28 in total)
Row 41-Decrease, 24 sc, decrease (26 in total)
Row 42-Decrease, 22 sc, decrease (24 in total)
Row 43-Decrease, 20 sc, decrease (22 in total)
Row 44-Decrease, 18 sc, decrease (20 in total)

Row 45-56
sc across (20 in total)

Row 57
Decrease, 16 sc, decrease

Row 58
sc across (18 in total)

Row 59
Decrease, 14 sc, decrease (16 in total)

Row 60
Decrease, 12 sc, decrease (14 in total)

Fasten off.

Side 2 (2 pieces)

Top piece-

As before, but instead of 36 rows, do 12 rows before starting the decreases.

Once finished, go back and reattach the yarn in the foundation chain-
sc along the foundation chain,
ch1, turn, 5sc, *(ch1 sk1, 7sc), rep from * 2 more times, ch1, sk1, 5sc (the ch1 spaces will be the button holes)
ch 1, turn, sc along
ch1, turn, *sk1, 5dc, sk1, sl st along, the last shell will only fit 3dc in it (8 shells and 1 half shell)
Fasten off

Bottom Piece


sc along 24 rows
shells along the 25th row
Fasten off.
Attach buttons along the shells (match them up to the button holes first!)

Put the pieces wrong side together and using a 3.5mm hook, crochet them together.  The overlap of the bottom and top pieces of the flap side are deliberate-I crocheted the button piece on first, then with the top piece I stitched it on to the bottom at the sides (does that make sense?)

Weave in all loose ends.

Turn right way round and add hot water bottle!
(this pattern fits a standard hot water bottle)

Let me know if this write up works-I've never tried to write up a pattern before so I'm sure it's full of mistakes!

Hats, hats, everywhere!

I've finally learned how to make hats!  And of course, I've gone completely overboard and made rather a lot...

Most of my Yule gifts this year are of the hat and scarf variety :-)  Just need to work up a few flower attachments.  I made a couple from this pattern here and a couple from a 'boyfriend hat' pattern that I liked so much I kept for myself.  The ridges reminded me of the little pumpkins I made last year for Samhain so Myf wanted one in bright orange as a 'pumpkin' hat.  Just need to add a stem and a couple of leaves on to it!

On our way to school last week, my friend Bec loved our hats and asked me to make one for her one year old-she also told me the baby blanket I'd made for her was now too small for the buggy :-( so I whipped up another one!

Of course, when her older sister Emmie (Myf's school friend) saw Lucia's new hat, there was a bit of a meltdown...she asked me to make her one and as Emmie is a lovely kid that is often playing round at our house, I made her a special one in shades of blue:

Myf is very kindly modelling it for me :-)  I know the flower is huge but that's what was requested!

Thankfully, her brothers didn't want one too so I was able to get back to the making presents rush :-)