Thursday, 22 November 2012

Hats, hats, everywhere!

I've finally learned how to make hats!  And of course, I've gone completely overboard and made rather a lot...

Most of my Yule gifts this year are of the hat and scarf variety :-)  Just need to work up a few flower attachments.  I made a couple from this pattern here and a couple from a 'boyfriend hat' pattern that I liked so much I kept for myself.  The ridges reminded me of the little pumpkins I made last year for Samhain so Myf wanted one in bright orange as a 'pumpkin' hat.  Just need to add a stem and a couple of leaves on to it!

On our way to school last week, my friend Bec loved our hats and asked me to make one for her one year old-she also told me the baby blanket I'd made for her was now too small for the buggy :-( so I whipped up another one!

Of course, when her older sister Emmie (Myf's school friend) saw Lucia's new hat, there was a bit of a meltdown...she asked me to make her one and as Emmie is a lovely kid that is often playing round at our house, I made her a special one in shades of blue:

Myf is very kindly modelling it for me :-)  I know the flower is huge but that's what was requested!

Thankfully, her brothers didn't want one too so I was able to get back to the making presents rush :-)

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