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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm a single mum with a beautiful daughter and I started crocheting 4 years ago when I quit smoking, I'm a huge fan of the granny square and mostly spend my free time making blankets as well as occasionally trying to expand my crafty skills :-)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful (and other stuff)

Ok, this will be a massive post with a large variety of photos so hang on to your hats!

It's been an incredibly emotional week-Myf has finished her very last day at Primary School so they had a Leavers Prom

And a final School Assembly with Awards (linking the kids to famous names-mostly sports stars and singers but a few awesome ones) with Myf receiving 'Charles Darwin

She's having a lot of problems with her father at the moment but has been very strong in standing up for herself and telling him how she feels-it's going to be unpleasant for a while but hopefully it will settle down soon.

I finished my commision blanket in record time-the lady has asked me to post it to her when I get back from London.  I've sent her a photo and she loves it (phew!)

I've had a birthday as well-Myf spoiled me thoroughly and Rascal also wanted to get me something special-he brought me a dead bat :-(  Certainly never had one of those before!

I'm helping out the wonderful SIBOL with some blankets they've received that are a bit too small to use-

I'm taking a couple with me to work on-I'm playing with half squares for one of them that will make it about 40" wide, a little larger than standard but I'm hoping Sue won't mind!

My Dad had his 64th birthday a couple of days ago and he doesn't like presents being bought for him so instead I have made him this-

One of my earliest memories is when I was 6, helping my Dad build a barbeque in the back garden when a female stag beetle grabbed on to my toe-Dad managed to gently get her off and then spent ages teaching me about these gorgeous insects :-)  My Dad is also a huge Beatles fan so this seemed appropriate for when he's 64!

I couldn't find a pattern anywhere so I looked up a google image and went from there-the antlers should have been much larger as I wanted to make a male stag beetle but she's wonderful I think and I hope he likes it!

We'll be away for 10 days so I hope you all have sunshine and happy days :-)  Much love!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

I have my first commission!

A lady messaged me on my Facebook page about a baby blanket a few days back and I showed her a list of the selection I make with prices.  She got back to me today and said she really likes the look of the Neapolitan Blanket but as the parents want to be surprised, she's asked for it in cream/white.  She's paying the deposit tomorrow and I'll get started!

I also finished a Baby Blanket in gender neutral shades that I designed with a heart motif.  What do you think?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Taking Steps

I've taken a big step and set up a Facebook page to advertise my blankets and see if there's any commercial interest.  A friend has suggested becoming self employed and making them as a living but I really don't know whether it would be feasible!  Blankets can take a long time to make (I'm working on a couple of 'stock' blankets) and I'm scared of ending up in an even worse financial situation than before!  But I'm jumping the gun a little-for now, it's sufficient that there's a page and I've already had a couple of enquiries so just need to wait and see what happens with those :-)

If you're on Facebook, would you be so kind as to visit the page?  It's here.  If you think it's good, please could you click the 'like' button?  And maybe would you share it with your friends?  I'd love to see you over there and to hear any suggestions or comments you may have!

Thanks folks.  Hope Tuesday is treating you well :-)