Saturday, 24 November 2012


I may have mentioned before that I'm making a few things for Myf as part of her Yule presents.  When she was very small, she had a little pink and white poncho that she loved very much and still has but of course it's way too tiny for her now!
So after having a quick look on the wonderful internet, I found this free pattern so I dug out a few of Myf's favourite blues and this is the result :-)

The tassels took FOREVER!

My friend Jem has invited me over to her home for Christmas this year and I've made a couple of little ponchos for her little girls-haven't done the tassels yet as it's going to take hours argh but they look pretty so far

I'm seriously tempted to make a couple for my older nieces but that may be going overboard... What do you think Mummycat?


  1. Pretty pretty!

    Love the blues in Myfs poncho - looks really warm and snuggly :-) Your tiniest niece has a very similar rainbow poncho so if you did make some for the bigger nieces then it would be great to have all the girls together for a photo shoot!

    1. Ahh, I thought I'd heard a rumor that littlest niece had a new poncho :-) I think it's definitely my turn now to make a would be ultra cute to have a picture of them all together with or without the ponchos!
      Having a little trouble figuring out what to get Sam for Christmas-anything he's into or he'd like?

  2. Sam love books, is starting to enjoy playing simple games, and he is really into Tree Fu Tom (though I can't stand the dreadful program!) He still loves Thomas the tank engine... oh and will eat anything sweet/or chocolate!

    Hope that helps :-)

  3. Marvellous thankyou darling xxx I'm probably going to be shopping online for the nieces/nephew, have pretty much run out of ideas crafty-wise so is it ok if I get Sam and Emily gifts off Amazon and have them delivered to you directly? I know it's a bit cheeky, but it would be a huge help! xx Hope you're all keeping warm :-)


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