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Monday, 30 June 2014

'Shades of Kay' blanket

One of my first friends in Cardiff has just moved to a small flat in the Bay and we were discussing what kind of blanket would work well with her colour scheme.  Kay is colour blind so I couldn't just go with my instincts as colours that work well in my eyes really clash in hers!  Her living room is decorated with a wine red/lemon yellow/ cream colour scheme and she requested a blanket that kept in with those shades, maybe with a few pinks and oranges thrown in but a definite request for no greens, blues or purples...
I added some shades of brown to the palette just for a wider range of options for myself despite knowing that browns appear dark red to Kay.  I wanted to combine a pattern of square motifs along with random and unique granny squares (edged in cream) and drew up a few sketches.
I usually make a large blanket with 126 squares, 9 rows by 14 rows (six rounds each) but as I wanted a pattern around the outside, I chose instead to make 135 squares, 9 rows by 15 rows (five rounds each)  I then worked out how many square motifs I would need and figured out the colours and patterns to use (the red one and the yellow one are from the crochet square motifs book while the brown one is a 'squircle' from the amazing DebiY)  Lastly, I figured out how many granny squares to make and set to work!

I started it in mid April and have carried on along with the other ripple blankets I've been working on.  As I had most of the pattern in my head for how I wanted the squares, I actually crocheted the squares together as I went.  Today, I've been putting the last few rounds of the border on and it's done!  Would you like to see?

She should be up next week for dinner so we'll be giving it to her then :-)

EDIT-as requested, the square motif pattern information.  The Brown Square is a Squircle,  the Yellow Square is called 'Gothic Square' in Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks (number 94) and the Red Square is number 137 in the same book, called the 'Criss Cross'.


  1. I love this granny square blanket - the colors are all perfect together. Thank you for using one of my squares - I always get a thrill when one of my blogger friends does that. :)

  2. Thank you darling-I love to do something different with each blanket and I've enjoyed this one immensely! Your 'squircle' pattern is still one of my favourites-I suspect it always will be! x There's a large number of blankets I've made with it in :-)

  3. Congrats on the gorgeous finish. I love the colors and the square patterns. Can you tell me the name and what book the yellow square is from.


    1. Thank you Linda! I've updated the post to include the information you asked for xx

  4. It's fantastic! So vibrant and colourful. What a lovely friend you are, making that for someone, I know from experience that it must've taken hours! x

    1. Thank you darling-I hope she loves it :-) I get an enormous amount of pleasure making blankets for friends. It does take a long time but that time is filled with creative joy and it's a wonderful feeling, knowing that you've passed that joy to someone you love, for them to snuggle in :-) xx


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