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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Reasons to be cheerful

I've had a lovely half term with Myf but today she's off with her Dad for his half of the week.  So it's definitely a good time to focus on the good as I often find it tough when she's not here.

We spent the morning yesterday making up a picnic and flapjacks-Myf managed to get some golden syrup in her hair and tried cutting a bit out-I ended up giving her an impromptu hair cut that needs some evening out but I think looks ok?  She likes it which is the main thing :-D

We took a trip to Cardiff Castle in the afternoon-I've not been before and I saw online that they were having a 'meet the birds of prey' event which I managed to get tickets for.  We didn't get to see the birds fly but the guys running the event were lovely and chatty and clearly adored their work.  Myf got to hold a Little Owl and I said hi to an Eagle Owl :-)  (Myf had her photo taken next to the Eagle Owl but her face is priceless, she thought he was going to try and nibble her hood!)

The weather was a bit wet for a picnic but we had a nice time looking around

As it was our last night of the holiday, I treated us to a little trip to Lush and bought us a fresh face mask so we had an evening of pampering with face masks, nail polish, cuddles and a DVD.
Myf chose 'The Worst Witch' and halfway through, she disappeared upstairs for ten minutes.  She reappeared like this...

We spent today in the company of a very dear friend-had a lovely long walk around the park, took Myf to the swings and then had a trip around Pontypridd's little museum before I dropped her off with her dad.  I miss her already!  But I'm so grateful for the beautiful Spring weather, the fun days out and for making the most of our time.

Hope you are all having a lovely week!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the pictures with the owl. :)

  2. We had loads of fun-such a great change to have pleasant holiday weather!


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