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Monday, 6 January 2014

'Autumn Splendour'...no wait...'Sleeping Forest'

Last year, I made a little donation blanket for the wonderful SIBOL project which I'd called 'Autumn Glory'-I loved the colours of it and I was itching to keep it for myself!

I really liked the effect of alternating traditional granny squares edged in dark brown with more challenging motifs.  I think it looks gorgeous and I want a big one for myself!

I've been going through my yarn stash-I've accumulated a lot of shades that are perfect for this project, however, I do want to pick up just a couple more shades of green to complete the palette.

I only made one full size blanket last year which feels weird despite making a number of small ones so to properly kick off 2014, I'm making myself a full sized version.  I want to continue with trying out new motifs so I've treated myself to 2 books off Amazon that I've been lusting after for a while...'Jan Eaton's 200 blocks' and 'Around the Corner Crochet Borders' no idea whether they're going to be any good but it would be nice to have square patterns easy to hand rather than trawling for free patterns on the internet-the reviews looked pretty good so I'm hopeful.  And I'm ridiculously excited about learning new borders :-D  They should arrive in a couple of days!

I tend to get very lost in my blankets so this time I thought I'd try taking photos of the squares as I go and blogging about the progress.  My full sized blankets are 9 by 14, meaning a total of 126 squares.  I'm aiming to make at least four traditional squares a day (easy enough-I can make a lot more on a quiet no work day but with work I don't want to stress myself out over something I want to enjoy doing) and I'm looking forward to trying out new motifs to share as well.

So here we go!  The first four squares of 'Sleeping Forest' ( I wanted to call it 'Autumn Splendour' but Myf has come up with 'Sleeping Forest' which I really like so there you go)

The light is terrible for taking photos at the moment but what do you think?

Total number of squares to make-126 (63/63)

Brown edged granny squares-4 made.   59 to go!
Special Square Motifs                            63 to go!

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