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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hello 2014!

Myf's been away with her Dad this week so I've taken some creative time.  I'm always saying to myself when I finish a project intended for someone else that 'I'll make one for me' but somehow I never quite get round to it.  Well, just before Christmas, I was making 'Nanny Bags' for my nieces and I really wanted to make one for myself (the original one is kept safely tucked away as I don't think it would survive much use) so this week I thought why not?  I'm planning another blanket, this time for me (I'm being so greedy!) but that'll take some time to figure out and I wanted something quick to do...

Now, be warned, I'm EXTREMELY excited about this.  I started making the pentagons on New Years Eve

I wanted a chunkier feel than the ones I previously made and as I don't have stockpiles of chunky yarn, I had two strands of DK yarn on the hook.  It's fun working with two balls at once ;-)

After those were made, I started thinking about lining for the bag.  Now I'll just stop here and explain that I've never tried to make a lining before.  I cut up an old dark blue pillowcase and spent a while stitching it-I had to unpick it a few times until I was happy with it (I don't have a sewing machine so this involved quite a few pricked fingers).  Then I stitched it onto one of the pentagon pieces.

I forgot to turn it right side out first so I had to unpick it and start over :-(

But eventually, I got it the right way round, stitched onto the main pieces and then I crocheted the main pieces together.

Then came the strap.  I may have slightly overdone the length but it hangs quite well and I wanted to be able to have it across my shoulder satchel style so it stays secure.

The last thing it needed was a zip (another first for me) so I popped into town quickly to pick one up

I do want to add buttons to one side for decoration but I need some more white ones for what I have in mind...but until then, it's finished!  I'm ridiculously proud of this bag-I've not tried anything at this level and while the stitching is messy, I'm delighted with it and can't wait to show it off!

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