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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Brid's Crosses

The Moot was not exactly as planned-I'd gotten confused over the arrangements with Myf's father and as he doesn't do compromise (unless it benefits himself), Myf had to miss out on the Moot and was very upset.  We had a couple of new faces there though which was lovely but one of the little boys (who has cerebral palsy) was unwell and ended up having a seizure.  I called an ambulance, one of our other ladies stayed outside to direct the paramedics in and thankfully he came out of it (although he did stop breathing for a minute or two which was quite terrifying) and they went into hospital to have him checked over.  He's fine, they don't know what caused the seizure but he's alright which is the main thing!
So I didn't really get much opportunity to do some of the activities planned but when Myf got home, we did a couple of Brid's Crosses ourselves-


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