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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm a single mum with a beautiful daughter and I started crocheting 4 years ago when I quit smoking, I'm a huge fan of the granny square and mostly spend my free time making blankets as well as occasionally trying to expand my crafty skills :-)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wire Jewellery

I had some vouchers for the local craft shop for my birthday so I decided to treat myself to this book.  My first craft-y love has always been making pendants and I've wanted for a while to learn more skills.  I'm really enjoying this book-I think it's not amazing in how it explains the techniques but I quite like improvising and the ideas in the book are beautiful :-)  So here are some of my first attempts...

The one on the left is crocheted with a fine gauge beading wire with little black beads-

Once I got the knack of trying to crochet with wire, this was a lot of fun to make!
The other bracelet is a handmade chain with some charm ideas-it'll probably never be worn as it's just for practice-

Lastly, I was asked recently to make a Fluorite Pendant for a friend so I used some of the ideas in the book for inspiration-

Sadly, my local Pagan shop has closed down so getting crystals is a little tricky now but I may be going to Glastonbury this weekend with some friends so I may find some more then :-)


  1. I love your jewellery Liz - looks like you've had a great time making these. I can't believe you've already done 5 posts this year, you are definitely on a blogging roll!

  2. Haha yeah, I tend to go long times without blogging and then post loads! I'm surrounded by bits of wire at the moment due to this book so hopefully I'll have some new pieces to blog about soon :-)


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