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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Reasons to be cheerful

I'll admit that this week it's been tough to come up with the positive.  Myf hasn't been very well (I had to leave work early today to go and collect her from school which caused all kinds of problems as there was no one to cover me-managed to get it sorted but it took over 2 hours to be able to get to my daughter which was awful)  She's fine, tired and probably growing again, that tends to leave her vulnerable to bugs.

So, back to being cheerful!

The awful flooding going on has had me very worried for my family-spoke to Mum today who reassured me that she and Dad are fine (the Thames river is well reinforced where they are)  My heart goes out to everyone affected but I hope I'm not being selfish in saying that I'm so glad that my family are safe and well.
I often moan about the hill I live on but it's at times like this, with the winds howling and the rains swelling the rivers to bursting, that I'm so grateful to live up a hill!

Despite her not feeling well, Myf has been wonderful in the mornings-I've had TWO cups of tea in bed this week!

I finished off the poncho the other day-sadly, with all the bad weather, photos are pretty dreadful!  I've worked up a flower as well to attach to the neck tie (as usual, I've way overdone the length of the cord and the size of the flower!).  This is a belated Yule gift for a dear friend who is coming to visit this weekend.

The other gift I've been making has been a rune pendant for her birthday (it's her 30th).  Runes are used in divination but they are also associated with different points of the year, a little similar to a star sign-my friend is a rune reader and we have spent many evenings reading runes and tarot together :-) so I felt making a pendant with her birth rune, 'Berkano', would make a lovely gift.

I wanted to use my wood burning pen, but despite tearing the house apart looking, I've had no luck!  So instead, I've used a small chisel to carve the rune and a little woodstain to bring it out...

Crafting always makes me happy :-D

Lastly, there's this photo of Artemis that Myf took-Arti loves boxes!


  1. Beautiful poncho and pendant. Love the pic of Arti.


  2. The poncho and the bracelet look so nice - your friend is going to love them. I hope your daughter is feeling better now. :)

    1. Thank you darling-she's feeling quite rough but hopefully she's over the worst. My friend is coming over tomorrow night, will get to give them both to her then :-)

  3. I hope Myf is feeling better soon - my two have both been ill this week, it's the time of year for bugs. Love your poncho - they seem to be having a bit of a comeback lately, which makes sense when you think how cosy they are. x

    1. Thank you Gillian-hope Angus and Bella feel better soon, it's rotten when they're poorly :-( I was inspired by so many lovely ponchos online recently (especially Lucy at Attic24) Maybe I'll make one for me next :-)


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