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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sisters Gift Exchange!

I meant to post about this last week but it has been a little busy here so instead here's a huge post with lots of pictures!  The sisters gift exchange was so lovely-it really showcased some of our diverse talents as well as being such a treat to get happy post :-)
So from Thea I got:

She made a GORGEOUS book cover and teabags with beautiful cheer-you-up tags on, two sweet heart buttons, a chocolate biscuit and a mug-hug!  Which fits my favourite mug perfectly by the way :-)  Thanks Thea, I love them!

From Jessica there was :

She made a stunning bookmark with lace crochet and a card with lace crochet hearts, a cute biscuit box (complete with biscuits!) and a lovely night light hand glass-painted with hearts :-)  She also sent some seed for the growing season! Thanks Jess, they're really beautiful <3

My offerings look like this-

I've been getting into wood burning of late so I 'embellished' a couple of photo frames and I used my wire jewellery book to create the necklaces.  I crocheted a little bag for the necklaces with a few little crochet hearts to decorate and a couple of pretty flowers :-)  My offerings turned up a day late but hopefully I'll be more organised next time!  It was a lot of fun and hopefully my sisters liked them <3

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  1. Hooray for the Valentines swap! I'm off to photograph my haul now and will be bragging about it on my own blog soon :-)


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