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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Roman Day at Pontypridd Museum

Our local museum had a 'Roman Day' over the weekend and Myf and I spent a few hours there-she has a real love for history and archaeology.  We both had fun making our own versions of Roman pottery (sadly they didn't have clay, only plasticine) and Myf made these two lovely pieces

She filled her little bowl with her first tries at Flymo clay modeling (she got a set from her lovely auntie for her birthday) but I think her jug is very impressive!

I spent quite a while on mine...

I marked the outside pattern with a stylus but it didn't stand out enough for me so I found some blue beading wire in my bag and cut some small pieces to curve into the pattern.  Inside is a solar piece pressed into the bowl :-) I really wish these were in clay-I have no idea how to preserve plasticine.

Myf also made a 'Bulla' which is a type of charm pouch that Roman children would wear-they'd place special items inside (coins for wealth, good luck items, etc) and wear it until they reached adulthood.  Myf took part in a competition as well-to draw two pictures from a set of descriptions about what a Celtic Warrior and a Roman Centurion looked like and she won!  She got a little set of imitation Roman coins that she put into her Bulla :-)  I'm thinking of making Bulla pouches with the kids at one of our Sowing Circle Moots-it's great fun!
She also had to try and put Roman Numerals onto a clock face in the right order and made a little mosaic (she chose to draw hers rather than use tiles) and we both had a lovely time!  As soon as we got home, she disappeared upstairs and put together her own Roman costume...

Now for a lot of pictures-Myf is away with her father until August 6th and I'm missing her terribly.  I tend to get very depressed when she's away so I'm trying to keep myself busy with the blankets and getting onto top of the house work.  So here's some pictures of my Roman baby :-)

Right back to the granny squares, lots to make!

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