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Friday, 20 July 2012

Crafting Myf!

My beautiful little (big!) girl has always loved making and creating things.  From intricate pictures to interesting sculptures made from straws and pom-poms, she really delights in being crafty.
Her class this year did quite a lot of crafts-from Batic to Cross stitch so for my Dad's birthday, she made a little bookmark.

Then she worked on making one for my birthday-

The XXXII at the bottom is my age..in Roman Numerals...my daughter is very cool (and sometimes a little scary!)

Isn't it lovely?

The last one she just finished tonight to give to her teacher as a thankyou present-

The word she's stitched down the centre is 'Diolch' which simply is Welsh for thankyou :-)

There's a slight difference in these two bookmarks-as I said in my previous post, I'm not great at hemming and it did cause problems for Myf while she tried to get it finished so for her teacher's one, after I cut the shape out, I painted the edges with clear nail varnish and let it dry before Myf started stitching.  It looks much better than my hemming attempts!

Myf is going to take a little break from all that cross stitch but I really loved watching her work :-)  Especially as she would sit and stitch while I crocheted...aren't we a crafty pair!

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