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Monday, 18 May 2015

More squares and another blanket!

Good morning!
It is wet and windy here in Wales today but I'm hoping the weather is bright wherever you are.

Over the weekend, some gorgeous squares arrived from London-these have been made by Ilona and she has done such a fantastic job with them

Thank you Ilona!  They are lovely and will be perfect for the blankets.
The pile of squares is steadily increasing-soon, we will be organising them into blankets, I can't wait!

Speaking of blankets, I've finally finished my second donation.  I wanted to do another heart theme so I decided to use a mixture of solid squares and traditional granny squares-this meant having to make squares only three rounds big so of course this means a LOT of squares!  I put it together as I went along to save my sanity (such as it is) but once the heart motif was done, it looked a bit too subtle, ie, hardly noticeable at all!  So I decided to go over the top edges in pale lemon with single crochet to create a ridged effect that would show it up better and then accentuated it with lemon squares in the corners.  Want to see?

I'm hoping to call it 'Comforting Cwtch' in honour of the charity.

It measures 35" by 45" so it is a toddler size.

Would you like to get involved? 

Here's what it's all about-

'Cwtch of Comfort' requests blankets to donate towards bereavement boxes for the '2Wish Upon A Star' charity that supports families suffering the loss of a child.  I have been inspired by the amazing SIBOL project to ask people to send me squares as many find the thought of making a whole blanket a tad overwhelming!  So with your help, I'm hoping to have a whole big pile of squares to work with by the end of this month.  Could you help?

Here's what I need you to do:

Make a square!
It can be either knitted or crocheted
It must be approx 6" (knitted can be a little bit smaller)
Pale pastel gender neutral colours or White only please
Acrylic yarn

Email me at amberspider@googlemail.com and I'll send you my address :-)

The deadline for squares is the end of May 2015-I'd really like to have lots and lots of squares to put together and any help would be so appreciated.  Even a share on your blog would be a massive help!

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