Monday, 27 April 2015

Will you help support Cwtch of Comfort?

Hi folks!

I have something really important to talk about today and I really need your help.  There is a charity local to me that is called '2 Wish upon a Star Foundation' and it's such an vital cause.  Many of us are lucky enough not to know the pain of losing a child.  Sadly though, for those suffering this tragedy there still seems to be a lack of support.  This charity is working to help this.
In its own words: 

"The aims of 2 Wish Upon a Star are to raise funds to improve bereavement services initially in South Wales. Emphasis will be on bereavement support for parents after losing their child suddenly and traumatically. 
Our Aims
*Ensure every A and E Department in South Wales has a suitable bereavement suites for bereaved relatives
*Bereavement boxes are available for parents at each of these hospitals
*Immediate bereavement support is available for parents and siblings
*To provide a professional counselling service for bereaved parents"

Here's how you can help.

The bereavement boxes contain, among other things, a blanket that the child can be wrapped in, either for burial or to be kept as a keepsake.  These are donated and as you can imagine, they really need more.  The project for making these blankets is called 'cwtch of comfort' ('cwtch' is Welsh for 'cuddle' ) and it would mean a great deal to have your help.  I am commiting to making three blankets for this cause-with the help of my friends, we are planning to make more through a crochet along and we are asking for donations of 6" squares to use.
Here's what I'd like you to do-
Pop over to the website and have a look at the blanket requirements.  They must be in either white or very pale pastels (in gender neutral shades only please) and there's a rough size guide.  If you can commit to making a blanket, please, please do!  You can email me for my address to post it and I will donate it with the others that we are making here.

 Or make us a square!  I'm following the amazing example of the SIBOL project and I'm asking for 6" WHITE or very pale gender neutral pastel squares in acrylic yarn.  We will make them into blankets and if you can attach your name to your square, we'll make sure that your name is listed on the finished item.  The deadline for squares at this point is the end of May 2015-please email me at and I'll send you my address.

Lastly, a big help would be sharing or linking to this post on your blog.  The more people who see it the better!

Please, please help.  I know how wonderful the online community is at joining together to help a worthy cause-I'd be honoured to have your involvement.

So, in summary, we need:

6" squares in white or very pale gender neutral pastel shades.
Acrylic yarn preferable.
Knitted or Crocheted

Thank you so much


  1. Fantastic endeavour! Raiding my yarn stash now! xx

  2. I have a bit of spare time and will make some of these. Do you want them to be in dk yarn>

  3. I will add this to the list of charities on my blog and will try and make some for you. :)


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