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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Long absence....

Sorry for all the quiet here-I've been a bit down recently and have found it a little too much to post anything.  I've got a few projects on the go-a couple of blankets and I'm hoping to make a Mandela for the lovely Attic24 and Yarndale.

Myf and I had a lovely May Day bank holiday weekend visiting my beautiful sister Mummycat, my lovely brother in law and my gorgeous nieces as eldest niece was taking her First Communion.  Myf and I spent ages trying to find suitable outfits-she was trying on loads of dresses that weren't quite right and we ended up in a charity shop that sold bridal and bridesmaid dresses.  She tried on one that she really, really loved and looked so gorgeous in but it had some kind of staining along the bottom right...nothing too bad but it would show up!

I spent ages taking up the hem and underskirt (Oh, the joys of not having a sewing machine!) and then devising some way to cover up those marks.
I naturally turned to a favourite book, Crochet Bouquet, and made some little flat flowers in various sizes in similar shades of embroidery silk.  Those got stitched over the worst of the marks and then I stitched a line circling the flowers over some of the last bits.  Added a few tiny crystal beads and done!

Myf very kindly modelled it for me

We had a WONDERFUL time with the family

I'm making a lovely ripple blanket (first time!) for my sister's neighbour's daughter-it looks so pretty already :-D

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  1. We had the best time ever and loved the fantastic dress alterations! Myf looks so grown up. I am going to have to attempt ripple blanketing again I think as I wasn't fully focused last time! I have to share my Mandalas soon as well as they are looking yummy!


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