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Friday, 28 December 2012

Bits and bobs baskets

Myf has been away with her dad for Christmas and should be back in about an hour :-)  I've missed her terribly-she's not been very well either so I can't wait to have her home and wrap her up in cuddles.

The items I made for the sisters exchange were little baskets for keeping useful odds and ends in.  I know that to crochet baskets, you really should use a thick, sturdy yarn and crochet tightly but I wanted to see what would happen if you reinforced it with wire as you crochet.

It's a bit fiddly-I suppose it's like using a padding yarn or crocheting over an end: you give the wire a basic shape (in this case, circular) and hold it on the top and crochet over it.  The worst part is trying to make sure there are no sharp edge poking out.  Plus there's the difficulty of keeping a decent shape.


There's a little one inside the bigger one :-)


We are using a practise one here to keep Myf's inhalers in-but I think I'll try to make another using a stiff twine and see what kind of results I can get :-)

It's been a really crafty year for me!  I've started another blanket-simply because I love them so much and I have a really fun idea I want to try out :-)

If I don't manage to be crafty again before the New Year, may the end of 2012 take your regrets with it and may the start of 2013 herald a new beginning for us all!

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  1. I'm fighting to keep my bowls! One is on my dresser and one is a crochet food bowl used for a "Hello kitty" picnic today!


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