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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Cushions and covers :-)

My sisters and I were planning to do a gift exchange in September/October but we all had a lot going on, especially in the run up to Christmas!  So Thea suggested adding them to the Yule presents-which was a relief as I'd had trouble thinking of useful things to make (Useful household things was the theme I think)
The main items I made were cushion covers-yet another excuse to play with granny squares but how can I refuse when there's so much a granny square can do?
Thea's cushion cover:

Side 1

Side 2

I've been having fun playing with diagonal squares

Not sure what to call it when you change colour along the diagonal?  I like the different combinations and effects you can make with them :-)

For Jess

Side 1

Side 2
Side 2 is completely diagonal squares arranged to form a pattern that reminds me of an American Patchwork Quilt:-)

I'm no good with zips so I used buttons for closing

Hope they liked them!


  1. Love it! My home feels more cosy now. My easy chair has my shawl over the back and the cushion on top- such stunning colours in my plain house x

  2. Thanks hun-soon your home will be full of home made things!xx


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