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Sunday, 13 May 2012

I've just finished two special little blankets for two special little girls.  My dear friend Jem has two gorgeous daughters who love their 'aunty Liz' and as the youngest has just moved into her very own bedroom and into her first proper bed (she's only just turned 2), I wanted to make her and her big sister something to snuggle in :-)

Sapphire's was the first one I finished-she's a gentle little soul so she has quite gentle shades in hers-

Isn't it sweet?
It's also the first blanket I've made without using the standard Granny Square :-)

Now Romanie is a very strong willed little girl who loves hot pink so I stuck mainly with contrasts for her blankets but I did learn how to make a heart square-very tricky as I had a lot of problems with the pattern and ended up having to figure it out as I went round...but they worked out nicely and hers is beautiful as well :-)

a little close up of one of the heart squares

Both the girls absolutely loved their little blankets and hopefully will snuggle up in them for many years to come.

I've been posting photos on my Facebook page of all the blankets I've made to see whether making blankets as a business venture would be viable and I've had a lot of positive feedback already :-)  I've just received a message from a friend who lost her mother early this year to cancer and she's asked me to make her a special one with her mum's name on it.  So that will be the next project!  Watch this space...

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