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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

One last thing....

I mentioned previously that I'd made a few bits for Myf this Yule so I thought I'd post a couple of pics-she's VERY into the Tudor time period at the moment so that was the focus of her presents-I got her an Anne Boleyn, an Anne of Cleves and a Jane Seymour to go with the Catherine of Aragon doll she already had and I had to make skirts, cloaks and beds for them all.  I also managed to find a second hand castle for them which is possible the most awesome thing ever (it even has a drawbridge!) and the Myf high pitched screaming was the best sound ever!  So here is the castle with some Sylvanian families as courtiers :-)

The big circle in the centre was the 'welcome new Queens' rug that Myf wanted which fits perfectly (didn't realise when I took the pic that I'd forgotten the Cyberman in the background!)

Myf also has her 'children' which were two dolls called Annabelle and Sam for whom I made bedding for a while back (these were actually my very first crochet projects)

This year, Myf announced that Sam needed a little sister (just like her real life cousin!) so she had another little doll that she calls 'Catherine Victoria' and for whom I made another bed as I couldn't find a doll cot below £35 anywhere!

That really is all for now-I'm working on my special blanket at the moment, interspersed with some flower making, and hopefully next time I'll be presenting some new creations :-)  This is my plan this year-it's now offically a year since crochet helped me quit smoking so I'm now aiming to try something new once a month...

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