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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Myf and I got some lovely crafty presents this year that I'm very excited about as I'm starting to gain a craft book collection!  Looky here...

Thea got me the first two and will hopefully be very pleased to hear that I've already started trying out some of the flowers :-)

and some just for Myf...
This book really is fantastic-I was worried that I'd struggle with the patterns but they are so simple and easy to follow, I'm feeling more confident and I'm hoping to try out the other books soon!  The creepy cute crochet is from Jess and looks adorable, I can't wait to try them out and the amigurumi book is also from Thea-the pattern format is going to take a little practice I think but they look so cute I'm planning on attempting a couple for nieces and nephew.  The book on the far right is from Mum-sadly has no crochet in it and seems a little patronising in the writing style-it's also mostly set around crafts that require specialist equipment but I've found a couple of items in there that I'd like to try out.
Thea and Jess also made us some beautiful presents-the scarf and hat are from Thea and the ADORABLE mouse was made by Jess-

And here are some better pics of models wearing these gorgeous things :-)

Don't we look fantastic!  Thank you both darlings, we love them!

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