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Thursday, 28 May 2015

This is quite the blog update.....lots of photos!

I am so overwhelmed with the kindness shown by so many people!
We had another very successful crochet/knit session at the Blueberry Inn on Tuesday-I really enjoy meeting these wonderful people who happily donate their time and skills for good causes.  A big thank you and welcome to Suzanne, Jen and Amanda who came along last time-and a big shout out to the wonderful regular ladies, Bonnie, Eirian, Harrie, Gaelle, Lisa, Claire, Elise and Jackie-I know some of you couldn't make it this time, we missed you!  Hopefully see you soon xx
(If I've missed any names on the list, I'm dreadfully sorry-I am terrible with names so please let me know so I can mend things)

We have quite the haul of squares!

(Bonnie seemed to be on fire making the purple squares...)

Great work everyone!

Jen also brought in a number of blankets that she has made that are absolutely wonderful

Thank you so much Jen and thank you for the lovely bag of yarn as well-very much appreciated!

 Yesterday, I popped into town to see my good friend Kathy-a few years back, I'd made her this she is one of the kindest people I know-she is genuinely the sweetest lady around :-)  She has made four squares for the project as well!

AND when I got home, I found a parcel from Jayne over at the SIBOL ravelry group.  She's already donated a lot of squares to the project but has made even more with her friend Jill!

Thank you so much ladies, they are gorgeous!

And now for today's news...

A lady called Ana has sent in 4 squares AND two blankets-they are beautiful, thank you so much!

Thank you Ana, these are stunning.

Then I received this wonderful bundle of squares from Linda-she has been crocheting non stop it seems!

Thank you Linda!

Lastly, I was remiss in thanking a lady called Edwina for her donation of yarn a couple of weeks ago-I've only just found out her name!  She brought it along to one of the crochet-alongs but as she couldn't stay, I didn't get the chance to chat to her.  She donated a massive bag of yarn that I turned into some squares...

(There were more squares I made but these were the highlights ;-)- quite a few of the patterns are from the AMAZING Debi-Y's blog )

Thank you Edwina!  She donated some more yarn to me today-I am really grateful to you, it will be very useful-especially now that it's almost time to make blankets with all the lovely squares!

I would like to tell you all how touched I am by the support you've shown.  This is a fantastic cause and so worthwhile-each donation is going to make such a difference to families going through the worst time of their life.  So far, we have over 300 squares and eleven blankets-this is amazing and more than I could have hoped for!  Each of you prove beyond doubt that people care, that there is good in the world and you are all so inspiring.  Thank you. xxx

There's only a few days left before the deadline (end of May)-don't worry if you haven't sent in your squares/blankets yet, I'll still accept them throughout June, just please don't start making more after May-I'll need to get on top of the pile first!

(if you need the address, please email me at: amberspider@googlemail.com)

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  1. It's lovely to see how well people have responded Liz so many lovely squares, I did have help with mine the ladies from my craft group made some too, good luck with all the sewing up. :) xx


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