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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It's the start of my work days so my brain tends to feel pre-emptively exhausted and shattered plus there are some tensions at work at the moment.  It's not the nicest work environment at its best but currently I'm finding it tough not to snap and yell at people!

So here are some positive things to counterbalance my stress :-)

I'm working on a couple of ideas for Mother's Day gifts (March 30th this year) and I'm experimenting with Tunisian Crochet.  I used this technique a while back when I was making this blanket here and really enjoyed it although I didn't own a proper extending hook which made it tricky-the stitches kept trying to slip off the edge!  I still don't have the right hook (I attempted to modify a knitting needle but it hasn't worked too well) but I'm a more confident crocheter now so that helps.

I mentioned before that Myf was working on her very own crochet project?  She was busily working at it for a couple of days and subtly asked if I like scarves more than neck warmers...
A few hours later, she presented me with this!  Her first ever crochet piece and it's for me!  It's delightful-such gorgeous colours and it fits me perfectly.  Isn't she clever?

We have an old friend coming to stay over the weekend-Myf and I are very excited!  Hoping we'll have nice weather as well :-)

I've enjoyed the 'Game of Thrones' series immensely so far and I got hold of a copy of one of the author's earlier books 'Voyaging Tuf' which is a great read.

Despite the weather being warmer here, it's typically quite chilly in the mornings when Myf and I are up so the newest blanket has been getting lots of use keeping us snug.  Thank you all for your lovely comments about this blanket-it's been a joy sharing it with you and the wonderful feedback I've had has really made my day :-)

And finally, there's this.  Cracked fits well with my warped sense of humour but this article is unusually all about the positive and worth a look!

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  1. I love the gift that Myf crocheted for you - it's lovely and she did a very good job with it. I hope everything calms down at work for you. Have a great time visiting with your friend. :)


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