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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Yarndale and Attic24!

A few weeks ago my beautiful biggest sister called me to tell me about Attic24 and her Yarndale project.  Fact is, I've been reading her blog for a while now-stumbled across it when learning about joining granny squares and it 's one of my favourite places to go for inspiration and  a colour boost.
I really wish Yarndale was closer because it sounds awesome-Attic24 has been asking crochet crafters to make granny triangles to use as bunting for the big day and in the years to come.  So I went and had a look-one of the things I love about this blog is that Lucy makes such beautiful, easy to follow, photo tutorials.  She's written up a gorgeous photo tutorial for these triangles and has said any yarn, any colours, just have fun!

I have quite a few bits of wool that I don't really use as I stick with acrylic yarns for blanket making so this was a great opportunity to use up some of those bits.  I've made nine triangles and last night I attempted to 'block' (for the first time!) with steam.  I think I need more blocking practise but aside from being a little curly at the edges, I think they've turned out well!

While being blocked...


So I'll be bundling this up to send to her-anyone else want to join in?  She's extended the deadline until August so there's time!  And they're super easy to make :-)

In other news, I finally managed to post the two SIBOL blanket donations after I realised they were a little smaller than requested on her blog-they both only measured about 32" and they needed to be 36-37" so I needed to spend more time adding more to the border.

I managed to get them up to 35" before sending-Mrs Twins kindly emailed me yesterday morning to let me know they'd arrived safely with some lovely comments *blushes*  Cant' wait to see where they end up!


  1. Right - that does it... I'll dig through my stash tonight and have a go at making some triangles too... can't let my sisters grab all the glory!

  2. Yay! Wouldn't it be cool if we had a 'sisters blog' for the three of us? We could post things like this that we've all contributed to or things that we've made for each other?

  3. Really? I nominate Liz to start that one up! I've just posted my little pile today but forgot to take a photo. I love the Summer Holiday, I don't get time to craft during the term but am already rolling on some long awaited catch up and projects...

    1. I'm trying to get on top of the much neglected house work while I decide what projects to start next...

  4. Love the new layout by the way! x

  5. I got involved with the Yarndale bunting too. Such a cool project.x


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