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Monday, 18 March 2013

Baby Blanket

Good morning everyone!

Once again, the cold Welsh winds are blowing but there is some sunshine at least :-)  I've been working on a special blanket for my friend who is expecting a baby in May and I was very inspired by this beautiful piece made by the lovely Gillian.  I love the bright colours and how the white edging gives it a fresh feel.  So I decided I would try my own version in this style.

My friend Cat loves blues/greens-you may remember last year she wanted me to make her a special blanket to commemorate her Mum who has passed away.  They've also already chosen the baby's name and wondered whether I could put the initial on the blanket too.

So I made a LOT of little squares...168!

I thought it would look really nice to do the initial in green squares and use blues/aquamarine shades for the surrounding squares.  I made about 35 squares for the J, using a few diagonal squares for the curves. However, the effect was a bit too subtle so I decided to try making an edging over the top...

I used the same method as I do for joining squares-which is a bit tricky on the surface!  It does stand out a bit more though so worth the extra effort.  I also tried doing a chain stitch method in the border from this blog here.

It's ended up being a LOT bigger than I planned-it measures approximately 36" by 45" so they should get years of use out of it!  I'm pleased with how it looks, hopefully they will be too!

Now, I'm finishing up a few squares for SIBOL and then I'm going to figure out how to do some repair work on my sofa!

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