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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm a single mum with a beautiful daughter and I started crocheting 4 years ago when I quit smoking, I'm a huge fan of the granny square and mostly spend my free time making blankets as well as occasionally trying to expand my crafty skills :-)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yet more blankets......

It's been a pretty stressful time but at least I have finished a couple of blanket wip!  My lovely sister loopyjess has had a little girl so I managed to finish the baby blanket for her only a week late (she has a pic on her blog) and I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of my beautiful new niece!

Myf has been using the spare practice squares that are lying around for her new obsession (Catherine of Aragon and assorted other Tudor characters) as makeshift cloaks and beds and wanted another square in her favourite colours.  I maintain that you can't have more than 2 favourite colours as the word implies you like these ones more than any others but Myf is wiser than I and has 4 (currently) so instead of just a little square, I made a big one that she can snuggle with or use as impromptu bedding for particularly tired toys...

I mentioned previously that I was working on a blanket for my bestest friend Vic-who likes blue and green...well as Myf was away with her father over part of the summer holiday, I managed to get all the squares done:

And managed to transform them into this........

I had a go at finishing it off with a shell stitch border and it looks so pretty!  I also tried using single crochet to join all the squares and it was so much easier!  Plus I love the ridged effect on the back (I may try it on the front next time) and it seems much stronger so I'll keep doing it this way.  My friend Sarah came for a visit during the finishing process and wants a similar style blanket for herself :-) so I'm working on some colour combos for her.  But first I have another baby blanket to make for one of the ladies I volunteer with (she's having her first grandchild in December) and they want the baby's gender to be a surprise.  She's also asked for a Pooh Bear themed blanket and I haven't been able to work out how to do that in squares lol so I'm using Myf's blanket as inspiration for the main colours and I'm going to attempt some afghan crochet stitch so I can cross stitch pictures :-)

So yes, still on the blankets but I have a few patterns for other things I want to try so after this baby blanket I'm going to attempt my first hat...wish me luck!


  1. I love the blanket you've made Vic - such lovely colours again, you are so good at colour combinations! Good luck with the hat - I think you'll find it pretty easy with all the crochet experience you've already got under your belt.

  2. Thanks babe :-) I think that's the reason I enjoy granny square blankets so much! Still trying to finishing the Winnie the Pooh blanket from Hell then hats here I come!


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