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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Reasons to be cheerful

It's been a good week in many ways-lots of hooky happiness, luxuriating in the colours and getting very excited to make the last few squares.

I got called into work on Monday to cover Neil who wasn't well but I made the most of Tuesday.  I took a walk through the park in the morning-a little windy but there was a wonderful clear sky and I managed to capture a few shots :-)

I was looking closely for signs of new life and found these beautiful snowdrops :-D

And on the way back through I came across these two...

Other reasons include the mornings being a little brighter and the afternoons a little longer-soon I'll be going to and from work in something approaching daylight!

I've taken a little break from squares for a couple of days and this poncho has been on my hook instead-I'm working it up as a birthday present for a friend

I also was very productive with the cleaning yesterday and gave the kitchen a thorough going over (cupboards and all!) before making a really delicious roast lamb dinner-there's enough left over meat for another week's work of meals :-)

Mornings with Myf, watching some Star Trek or chatting about school, having a hug before I drop her off and go to work or take her to school are still my favourite moments :-D

Happy Wednesday folks, hope you've had a lovely day

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  1. Love all the pics. The blanket and Poncho are really pretty.



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