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Thursday, 9 January 2014

So so tired....

I was at work all day yesterday(8am-6pm) and I've got the same again today.  So tired-I usually don't start until 10am on a Wednesday, which would have let me ease back into work after the two week break but Neil (the other staff member who can do the shop opening and close) called me as his daughter is unwell and his wife couldn't take another day off because she had staff meetings to attend.  So no easy start back for me!  Up at 5.30am...

The other downside to working all day (asides from a lack of crochet time) is that I don't get any natural light to take a photo in!  I have some more squares finished but no decent light so I've taken a couple with the flash and they're not great but they'll do...

I like going to work by bus as I can get a square done on the journey plus I can get a couple done on my lunch break (helps keeps me from craving junk food).  I had a note through the post that my books have arrived but of course didn't fit through my letterbox so I'm going to rearrange and hopefully have them by the weekend :-)

Total number of squares to make-126 (63/63)

Brown edged granny squares-16 made.  47 to go!
Special Square Motifs                            63 to go!

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