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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Blessed Imbolc!

Today's been beautiful weather-clear skies with lots of sunshine!  Perfect Imbolc weather-the Earth is starting to wake up and Spring is so, so close :-)

I was playing with wire and managed to form a Brid's Cross:

I've only got a handful of squares left to make for the 'Sweet Dreams' blanket-I'm no good at putting them together as I go, I enjoy laying them out and changing the order around too much!
I wanted to showcase a couple of special squares here.  Myf has been collaborating with me on the sweetie squares and one of her suggestions was to make a 'gingerbread man' square.  I said I wasn't sure if I could crochet something like that-and she suggested making a ginger-coloured square and using white chain stitching to describe the gingerbread man!  Isn't that clever?  So I made it and it came out really well so I took it further and made a gingerbread house sqaure as well :-)  Here they are!

I currently have piles of squares on the TV table-I love looking at the colours-so much potential loveliness!  I can visual the general look I'm going for but how the colours go together and what it will really look like when it's completed is still a mystery.  I'm hoping to get the last few squares done this weekend and next week I'll be putting it together :-)

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