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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Crafty plans for 2013


I'm feeling very optimistic about this year-there's so many projects I want to do and gifts I want to make so I figure I need to make a list!  So here it is-my 2013 to-do list :-)

The sofas we have have been scratched up a lot by the cat and the cushion covers are falling apart so they need some work-

Arm rest covers (4)
Cushion covers (4)

I'm going to be seeding some herbs in the spring but the pots tend to look messy

Crochet plant pot covers

Myf has a lot of pencils and pens that I keep 'tidying' into jars

Jam jar covers!

Christmas 2012 was completely handcrafted giftwise and I'm hoping to do the same again for Christmas 2013!  Hopefully, I can start a little earlier this year :-)


I have some ideas for Pagan crochet projects-which I want to start exploring this year

Tarot bags
Elemental candle holders
Goddess/God dolls

I'm working on a donation for the amazing SIBOL project and I'm looking for more crochet causes to donate to-I love making blankets and I'm going to donate at least one to SIBOL this year and at least one to another charity.  Any suggestions for UK based charities that accept blankets?  I'd like to be able to donate to the US and other places but frankly with the cost of postage, I can't manage it!

It's not a very big list but I may add more as I think of them!  So excited already :-)

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  1. Hi there - thanks for visiting my blog and such a lovely comment. :-)

    Well done on handcrafting your Christmas 2012 gifts!! I made a few but learnt a few lessons on starting them earlier...it all became a bit of a last minute panic. I enjoyed reading your list of crafty projects for the coming year - here's to a crafty 2013.

    Gillian x


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