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Friday, 14 December 2012

Anyone for Draughts?

During the making of the backgammon blanket, Myf and I were discussing various board games.  I can't wait to play backgammon with her and she tells me that she plays draughts with her dad.  She jokingly asked whether I could make her a set so that we could play too-and of course I said yes!
So here we are:

I originally intended to crochet pieces to play with, using wire to reinforce it, but I felt that would be a bit hazardous so I then wanted to get some large, stackable, buttons.  However, it would have been approximately 85p per button and when you need 24, it's a bit excessive.  So I was a bit stumped until a phonecall with a friend who suggested using chocolate!  I'm not sure how many games we'll get through before we eat all the pieces but doesn't it look nice?

I had a little box saved from some previous parcel received in the post but I wanted to make a little bag as well for the pieces..

That's Myf's last Christmas gift ready for Sunday!  I should really make a start on the cleaning...

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