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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm a single mum with a beautiful daughter and I started crocheting 4 years ago when I quit smoking, I'm a huge fan of the granny square and mostly spend my free time making blankets as well as occasionally trying to expand my crafty skills :-)

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Myf had to dress up at school for St David's Day in a traditional Welsh costume-we have one but the shawl that came with it was lost ages ago!  It wasn't much of a shawl really, more a strip of cloth but as it was fairly cold and Myf's started off the year with a chest infection, I really needed to make sure she had as many layers as possible.  So I had a look at the 'Happy Hooker' book that my lovely biggest sister got me started on crochet with and decided to give the 'Sweet Pea' shawl a try.
I thought that halving the pattern would be wise as she didn't need a huge one and after spending two hours crocheting it wrong, I finally figured out where I was reading the pattern wrong and got it done!  Then Myf came home from school and I panicked it would be too small :-(  But it was perfect!  The shawl on a Welsh costume only just goes across the shoulders so it worked out well.  All this was the day before St David's Day so I also had to make two daffodils for her to wear and this is how cute she looked:

And from the back:
Myf was very pleased with her little shawl and immediately asked for a grownup size in her favourite shade of blue :-)

Once I can get hold of some nice snuggly non-acrylic wool, I plan to make a couple more for the Christmas gift box (and yes, I'm totally stealing a leaf out of my sisters book and trying to get lots of gift bits done before Christmas)

In other news I am suffering greatly with an impacted wisdom tooth that literally is making me cry so I turn to my beloved granny squares to calm and soothe me..........I've got a few projects on the go at the moment-hopefully I can share some pictures soon! :-)


  1. Oh so beautiful - both the shawls and Myf :-) I love the sweet pea shawl from Happy Hooker too - I made one up to go with my wedding dress.

    Sorry to hear about the wisdom tooth - though I thought you had had yours removed?!

  2. Hehe thanks darling! I remember that gorgeous shawl you wore at your wedding-such a beautiful colour :-)
    My first shawl-another crochet landmark!

    I thought I'd gotten rid of them all but it turns out I had one left that impacted a year ago-there's a long story involving waiting for a hospital referral that ended up with me having to go back to my dentist a month ago with some pain-he drilled out where it had rotted and put in a temporary dressing while we waited for another hospital referral. It was fine until Friday when the dressing came out and I've spent the weekend on the strongest painkillers available over the counter (getting only an hour or so of actual pain relief) poor Myf had to deal with me in tears which is not good but she's been fantastic!
    Went to the dentist this morning and as it was now an emergency and the hospital wouldn't be able to help until Wednesday, he said he'd try to take the two teeth out-he did and it's all good! A bit sore but SO much better than I was this morning! I'm really looking forward to getting a decent night's sleep :-)
    Hows you? That picture of Emily on your blog with the corsage is frankly adorable-is she starting young with the handicrafts? xx

  3. I've just realised why I haven't been able to see any of your posts- It waas the old adddress! I have finally sorted out the problem and can now pop loads of comments for you to read dating back only four months! Poor tooth- I feel your pain as I had that last year during the Summer holidays xx


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